Impact areas

All projects align with the United Nations SDGs
  • Social impact done right

    Work on society's most pressing issues
  • Cutting-edge social projects

    Create and work on social projects the world has never seen. Watch the video, and you’ll see a project hosting refugees in Malaysia as participants in one of Incitement’s flagship programs; Liter of Light Malaysia – where the refugees are the ones helping underprivileged Malaysians, instead of being the ones receiving help for once. Imagine how empowered these kids must feel being on the other side for once. 

    • Measurable

      Incitement developed a methodology called Hourglass in partnership with Taylors Education Group.

    • Impactful

      All projects in the Day One program must have a positive impact on its beneficiaries and stakeholders.

    • Sustainable

      Sustainability is one of the key drivers behind Incitement’s projects.

    • Innovative

      We strive to always design innovative solutions and improve upon existing concepts.

    All Day One impact areas & social projects are aligned with the
    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Impact areas

    You'll be creating & implementing solutions in these areas
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