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  • “I have raised over 600k RM since Day One”

    “Incitement`s Day One workshop is a great place to start building up your knowledge about the startup industry. If you aim to start your own company this is the workshop for you. I attended the Day One workshop in 2014 with nothing more than an idea about what my co-founders and myself wanted to do and an open mind. This was the first time that I received an opportunity to speak to startup founders and learn from their experiences. I have raised over RM 600,000 since launching my platform in 2016 – I am very grateful to Zikry, Daniel and the Incitement team for giving us an awesome head start in early days.”

    Brian Tan, CEO & cofounder of

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    But don't take our word for it. Here's what others say about Day One
  • “It’s a very high level energy, and we see very high level potential of people and ideas which you can actually touch and the people here have very smart questions that really demonstrate on how to change the world. It’s very exciting where they will be in the years to come” Lais’s Startup later got acquired.

    — Lais de Oliveira - Cofounder and CEO of 8spaces
  • “Incitement has given me so much, I can’t even describe it because it’s so good. This is the place to be, if you want to focus on your dreams achieving, this is the place to be.” Alden’s company raised $560,000 US Dollar two years after the Day One program .

    — Alden Leong - Cofounder and Chief Strategist Officer at VAV
  • “Why can’t all our classrooms be exactly like this?”

    — Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah - Former Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia
  • Day One changed my life. The mentors, the network you get and the interactive workshop and training you get here is something you don’t get in other programs. I am truly blessed to be here with Incitement sponsoring my ticket and helping me to be a leader of my community. I hope everyone can experience what I experienced here and again, I want to thank Incitement for everything they have done for me and to everyone here. It has changed my life and the way I look at things in helping people that matters. Watch his talk here.

  • “Day One affectively brought me out of my comfort zone where it taught me how to use personal stories that can move audience and make a really good pitch out of it. It’s way better here when you think of the network you will have here and you have that network when you finish the program.” His social Venture fund that he started got acquired; read more about it here..

    — Sathyvelu Kunashegaran - Director of KERN Ventures & founder of Infinite Ventures
  • “The best thing about this program is we had a great vibe, energy and amazing ideas and the people who want to do something to change the world. I am really happy to be part of this.”

    — Andreea Visanoiu - Professional Scrum Master, Mindvalley
  • “I went into the Day One looking for an inspiration to help me kick off my idea and inspiration I found. Afterwards I launched a collaborative travel blog that drives over 4 thousand unique visitors per month in less than 4 months of its first day. With over 20 bloggers & growing, Wanderlust Crunch owes its birth to the Inciters who got me to kick my butt off the couch & start building my first real gig”

    — Ahmed Amer - Founder of Wanderlust Crunch
  • “Day One helped me find my story. Before, I was everywhere doing everything and I was spreading myself too thin. Attending the program helped me focus on what i want to do with my life and focus my passion in doing what. Incitement is made of awesome people and being part of this program and the global movement itself means I get to meet and learn from people from all over the world!”

    — Harith Ridzuan - Managing Director and co-founder of OneTech
  • Day One helped me find my story. Before, I was everywhere doing everything and I was spreading myself too thin. Attending the program helped me focus on what i want to do with my life and focus my passion in doing what. Incitement is made of awesome people and being part of this program and the global movement itself means I get to meet and learn from people from all over the world!

    — Shatish Rao - Online Marketer
  • “I learned a lot of new stuff and the interaction that I got from this program has been amazing especially when you direct access to the mentors. I’m not sure how to go about things with my project but now I’m getting a lot of guidance from everyone in the program which has been great.”

    — Yih Ling Pow - Founder of RE:ED Project
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  • “Thanks to incitement for stirring up the pot of humanity with the best ingredients. Cheers to our interconnectedness and using that for positive influence.’

    — Louisa Krause - Hollywood Actress
  • “Fun. Motivating. Infectious. Incitement is the place to be if you want to meet like-minded people who want to grow and contribute, and if you want to be in a room with speakers who can inspire you with empowering perspectives.”

    — Amir Ahmad Nasr - Blogger, International Speaker, Founder of
  • Personally, Incitement changed my life. Ever since I attended my first Incitement event, I have tremendously improved my own confidence & self-belief. I got to form amazing friendships with like-minded people & opportunities have been pouring in continuously. Incitement is one of those things that inject personalized experience to you. You might leave an Incitement event by just remembering a specific quote by the speaker. A quote that you really need to hear. Or, you might leave the event getting to know an inspirational individual from the crowd. Ultimately, it’s a place where ideas and inspirations bounce at full throttle. I highly recommended everyone to come and have a taste of the Incitement experience!

    — Aaron Teng - Cofounder of
  • Incitement is simply the future of social impact. Innovative people with game-changing ideas. The theme of the first Incitement I attended was “Super Women”. I witnessed some of the most charismatic, brilliant women of today giving moving speeches. The crowd was touched and enjoyed every moment. Incitement is the future. Thanks to Zikry and Daniel for acting on this idea.

    — Eugene Hennie - COO and Cofounder of GrooveClinics
  • “I had been to 3 of the Incitement events and what can I say? The atmosphere is energetic and positive! This would had easily passed as a paid event in the seminar world, so I find it amazing you guys are willing to make this happen at your own initiative. Thanks for connecting me to a bigger world of possibilities and wonderful people, Zikry and Daniel and team!”

    — Edmund Loh - Founder of
  • “I just went for my third Incitement installment last Friday and I’ll be honest, I tried avoiding it after my first one. Simply because I liked it too much. I figured this wouldn’t be good for my studies. But after some encouragement from a friend, I went for SpeakUP and boy, have I not looked back since! Incitement is not just an infectious sometimes frenzy-like gathering of a bunch of positive and like-minded people; no, it’s so much more than that. It’s a platform for you to breath, like really breath, after a suffocating long stretch of yourself with fresh ideas and perspectives. Heck, it’s a source of flow for me. Wth Incitement, I feel in flow. When I feel in flow, life is better and stuff gets done. Now to get me my extra dosage of Incitement (it’s addictive) through Incitement Y! Happy days ahead.”

    — Yau Hui Min - Education Specialist at MomentiumConsulting
  • Incitement is a fresh answer to social change & community empowerment for the next generation of movers and shakers. No matter how you feel when you walk in the doors, you are guaranteed to walk out feeling better about life, both yours and collaborative consciousness of humanity as a whole. You should check out Incitement if you’re luck enough to have one in your area, but be ready to no longer be okay sitting on the sidelines of life after… you have been warned 😉
    Patricia Peterson

    — Patricia Peterson - Assistant Producer, The Kardashians
  • Incitement is one of the most energetic, entertaining, and inspiring speaking events I’ve ever been to. The speakers of every event come from varied walks of life, giving a full perspective on the given theme of the event. It’s always a pleasure to mingle with other like-minded people afterward. Hopefully, Incitement spreads around the world because people would love it.

    — Tharyn Taylor - Founder of MacDojo
  • Incitement helped me to discover my love and passion for speaking. I always knew I loved teaching and inspiring but I’ve now spoken at 2 Incitements, and it has been a fabulous place for me to explore and discover my strengths, passions, and areas I can continue to improve in my delivery. As an attendee I’ve also d some incredible inspiring messages, which have empowered and motivated me in my life. Congrats Daniel & Zikry for inspiring so many people, and building such an incredible platform for people to share their message to the world. I look forward to having another opportunity to speak in the future, and seeing you continue expand and grow yourselves, and Incitement as a global movement. Watch Celeste talk here.

  • “Incitement was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I know a lot of people say that but I honestly felt that. While I was being incited (that what I love to call it) I was thinking if these ideas actually spared in my country what would it change, and how can members of the country help to change it, and that a single idea could travel through mind to accomplish wonders. And how a group of young people could change that. in that moment the sky was the limit and the reason was Incitement. In the end, I would like to thank everyone who’s helping in this and making one mind at the time incited because that what you did to me.”

    — Ahmad Abedul Kareem Al Najjar - General Manager at SAMSUNG Levant
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