Social Progress Malaysia Award for Incitement Malaysia

March 19, 2017

“Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is an opportunity. That’s why today is also called Present”

And another award makes the team stronger! Congratulations Incitement Malaysia for another outstanding award. Social Progress Malaysia Award has been awarded to The Incitement team for the outstanding effort on making visible changes for the Malaysian communities. What a great way to wrap up this year!

Receiving the award by surprise, Zikry Kholil the Co-founder and Global Executive Officer of Incitement was in shocked. He was there to only celebrate the event with other social enterprises. Being shortlisted together with SOLS 24/7 and Teach for Malaysia out of 100 selected social causes is an honor. The two big houses have done an incredible job way before Incitement. Nonetheless, Incitement managed to receive this award space with National Strategy Unit and Digi.

According to fellow Co-founder of Incitement Daniel de Gruijter – nothing is possible without the team effort, passion, hard work and those who stood by Incitement through the ups and the downs. This year is just the beginning of the future milestone. Even so, there are still lots of things that need to be improved in the name of “doing things that matter” for the Malaysian communities. Every award received by Incitement means more responsibilities and expectations.

Digi and National Strategy Unit receiving the Social Progress Malaysia Award together with Incitement represented by Zikry Kholil

Article Source: The Incitement

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